3By Nic Merrell

Anticipation Series 8: Jesse Moline

What is the soul of a snowboarder? What drives us to wake in the middle of the night to look out the window for snow? What drives us to abandon relationships, jobs and stability to chase powder and progression? What drives our daily gamble of life and limb to descend, ascend and spin? What so perverts our perceptions that we greet summer with impatience and disdain?

From liftline to lifetime we are driven by our anticipation of the next run, the next trick, the next trip, the next shred.

Why do so few other things feel as good?

Through interviews with riders and others in the industry, writer Nic Merrell is going to take an in-depth look at Anticipation and how it drives and defines a snowboarder's life- before the snow falls, while it falls and when it's all coming to an end.

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We had to bring back the Egg Noggin Choad Cheese Wax this year. Egg Noggin' smells like Christmas morning – a mingling of egg yolk, heavy cream, cinnamon and the manic rabid materialism that truly embodies this Season of Amplified Desire (S.A.D.).

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Featured Rider

Describe your perfect day riding. Where? Who would you be riding with? Describe the terrain. Describe the after party?
Storming (refills!), bottomless pow, steep and deep pillows, good vibes and good lines! Then a tequila from my gals at the Market Cafe (you know who you are!) and back out!

Describe a perfect night in Govy.
Setting up a jib while partying down, then maybe strapping on the head lamp for some night laps on the Alpine trail!!!

Describe your future plans.
Just personal progression and traveling to new mountains and getting the shot!

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