Joel Fuquay


Describe your dream day of riding.
Where, with whom, conditions, apres?

Riding my Home MTN White Pass, Wa on a pow day with all of my childhood shred buddies. Wonder where they are all at now?

Why is snowboarding so fun?

Because it is so easy. Man has been walking forward and backwards since the beginning of time. Man has only recently starting sliding sideways a few hundred years ago. Thanks surfers!

If you could never snowboard again, could you find love and stoke on a pair of skis?

Yes, I'm sure I would find love in a pair of skis. Two is always better than one when making love. But somewhere down the road I'm sure I catch them cheating with my ski poles, things would quickly come to a halt! Don't be a cheater and used ski poles!

Describe your dream park line.

A park where you could shred down a nicely groomed half-pipe while chewing Shawn White Gum! Into a fun medium size jump line, into a banked rhythm section that eventually lands you in the hot seat between two beautiful women in a hot tub, naked!.

Favorite rider?

Gigi Ruf, I like unique style and out look on life.

Favorite human?

Joseph Kittinger. He volunteer back in the day to parachute from a balloon at the edge of space back down to earth. Pretty insane youtube him!

If you could be one element from the Periodic Table of Elements, which would you be?

Sodium, because I would either make the meal more tastier or melt you like a snail!

Best job you ever had?

Mowing lawns when I was around the ripe age of ten. I made 100 plus bucks a weeks I was balling outrageous for a kid. Now when you make $$ it all goes to bills instead of getting in the swimming pool or buying a XX chromosome a ice cream cone.

Worst job you ever had?

Landscaping and hooking up sewers and filling in the old sewer tank. Smelly!

Bare knuckle fist fight between Joe Pesci and Danny Devito- who's your money on?

I would say there would be a simultaneous punch and both wold hit the ground at the same pace.

Have you been in love? Share...

Yes, I have. In till I found out that our cell structures change so much in life (every 7 years) that trying to love just one person would be more of a chore then something enjoyable.



The Team

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Dan Wille

Matt Hogan

Jeremy Ojua

Matt Yep

Destiny Covington-Zawasky

Kyle Weise

Grant Miller

Ryan Rivers

Jovian Peters

Derek Roy

Nate Jepson


The Radbots

Mark Rainery


Root Beer Float

100g Choad = $10.00
(You may select quantities at checkout)

Remember when you were little and you'd be at an Ice Cream Parlor sitting in a naugahyde booth eating a Rootbeer Float and inevitably the asshole kid who made it jammed that long-ass metal spoon so deep into that frozen scoop of ice cream you completely lift it out of the cup and jab it repeatedly in the general direction of your sister Tracy who points at you and starts crying just to get you in trouble and your mom leans over and motions to tap her cigarette ash onto your scoop so you go to put it back in the cup but the spoon finally lets go and it falls into the cup and the rootbeer goes fucking APESHIT and starts foaming like crazy and you gotta quick get that paper condom off the end of that straw and get to sucking or it's curtains and you're sucking and it's ecstatic woody sweet rootbeer all silky and COLD, no like ICE COLD man and then instantly you feel like there's a mule trying to kick it's way out of your skull through your eyeballs and your eyes are watering and you begin to WAIL and Tracy is pointing and laughing at you and you grab a glass of ice water off the table and start chugging it and that shit feels WARM and you finally start getting your shit together and you look over and your mom has stopped smoking and the cigarette is dangling precariously from her fingers and she has this look on her face like you just took a shit in her handbag and you realize all at once that disappointment is the most consistent expression of this human experiment, but Rootbeer Floats are awesome. And so is Team Rider Joel Fuquay who came up with this scent idea.


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