Bryce Yamasaki


Describe your dream day of riding.
Where, with whom, conditions, apres?

The sun comes out and there's a fresh couple feet of pow wherever I am or a perfect park on a sunny day probably paintbrush.  With all the homies of course.

Why is snowboarding so fun?

The possibilities are endless.

If you could never snowboard again, could you find love and stoke on a pair of skis?

I guess if it came down to it id learn to like em.

Describe your dream park line.

Four pack of booters into some rails, more jumps, more rails, crazy transitions then a rope tow at the bottom to take you right back up.  Maybe an airbag somewhere in there if were gettin wild.

Favorite rider?

Torstein Horgmo.

Favorite human?


If you could be one element from the Periodic Table of Elements, which would you be?

Helium, id be getting higher then everyone else.

Best job you ever had?

Dishwasher, ate food and chilled all day long.

Worst job you ever had?

Working for my step dad at $5 an hour one summer. Never again.

Bare knuckle fist fight between Joe Pesci and Danny Devito- who's your money on?

Joe Pesci?

Have you been in love? Share...

Pshh im too young for that shit.



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